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In any situation where I am bored and time moves like molasses, I like to ask myself a ridiculous question. The question always has five answers. Basically, it’s the desert island style questions but absurd. In this series, “Fast Five”, I will answer some jam band related ones. (Even reader submitted.)

What albums from the 1950’s would be a good musical costume for Phish?

Elvis Presley - Self Titled

The hardest part of doing an album from this era is that most of the albums and songs are short. How long can an Elvis gag really last? A Phish cover of Blue Suede Shoes would be a great set opener. Not only for the song, but also for Mike’s shoe choice. The possibilities for blues jams teasing other Elvis songs are endless. Now that I think about it, I want to see Trey and Mike in Elvis suits dancing on stage.

Bobby Darin - That’s All

Perhaps the first rocker in history to completely switch up genres, this jazzier record seems fit for a laid back Vegas singer type set. I would love to hear Page sing Mack the Knife and how the band would arrange the instrumentation from the album. It might be the closest we ever get to a Lawnboy set.

Buddy Holly - Buddy Holly

I mean, it’s Buddy Holly. Peggy Sue is a great song. I think Buddy has to be mentioned when talking about 50s rock. Unlike most of these albums, Buddy’s record has his first 4 hit singles on it too. (Although that might not help 3.0 fans)

Little Richard - Here’s Little Richard

This is a fun record and a classic one. I feel like Phish could make this a giant sock hop. The entire crowd dancing to Tutti Frutti would be amazing. Like the Elvis album, this album would be great for teasing other Little Richard songs. So bring back the Big Country Horns and let’s party.

The Crickets - The “Chirping” Crickets

So I’m back on my Buddy Holly antics, but I cannot think of another album from the 50s that is so ripe to be jammed out. The Grateful Dead famously jammed out Not Fade Away. A Phish version of That’ll Be the Day could be the highlight of the set. If any album had covers that could sneak their way into the regular rotation, it would be a song from this album.

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