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In any situation where I am bored and time moves like molasses I like to ask myself a ridiculous question. The question always has five answers. Basically, it’s the desert island style questions but absurd. In this series, “Fast Five”, I will answer some jam band related ones. (Even reader submitted.)

What Albums from the 1960's would be a good musical costume for Phish?

Note: I didn’t consider any Beatles, Rolling Stones, or Who albums because I don’t think Phish would recycle musical costumes.

The Band - Music from the Big Pink

I’m not sure if the world is ready for (or deserves) this musical costume. If I could choose any album for Phish to cover, it would be this one. The vocal harmonies alone make it a solid choice. Plus maybe Bob Dylan could join on Long Black Veil; maybe I could win the lottery too. One thing I know for sure is that this musical costume would be amazing.

Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica

I vaguely remember reading somewhere that Phish will not do a Frank Zappa album due to Zappa’s wish that some songs not be played live. (I did a quick google search and it’s Zappa family shit show. We probably will never know the reason.) This album skirts that issue by putting on a musical costume produced by Zappa. Honestly, this album might be more crazy than most of Zappa’s music. Either way, it would be fun to see Phish attempt this cover.

Note: Trout Mask Replica isn’t on any streaming service. I blame Jack White for this. Also, for some reason this YouTube clip is like an hour and 20 minutes long.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Willy & the Poor Boys

Truly any CCR album from the 60s would do. They all have four or five songs I am super familiar with and the rest I have never heard of. I chose this album because I like Fortunate Son and Down on the Corner. The two instrumental tracks on this album could be extended into type II territory. Just imagine a Fogerty song going that deep, it would be righteous.

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

I feel like this album is overrated. I am not a huge Beach Boys fan either. One of the things I like most about Phish is that their covers can change someone’s mind about a song or band. A notable example for me would be The Ballad of Curtis Lowe by Lynard Skynard. I hated Lynard Skynard just because classic rock stations would play the same two songs over and over. So I am hoping that a musical costume of Pet Sounds sway my opinion.  

King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King

This prog rock predecessor is ripe for jams of all types. I don’t think too many people in the audience will be familiar with this album. This could be one of those shows that you walk away from making a mental note to check out the band Phish covered. Page would rage so hard during this set too. If you ever see this on a Phishbill, get to Page side quick. You will not regret it.

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