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In any situation where I am bored and time moves like molasses I like to ask myself a ridiculous question. The question always has five answers. Basically, it’s the desert island style questions but absurd. In this series, “Fast Five”, I will answer some jam band related ones. (Even reader submitted.)

What Albums from the 1970's would be a good musical costume for Phish?

Note: I didn’t consider Led Zeppelin on purpose. Phish have already covered a few Zeppelin songs and I feel you deserve better.

Squeeze - Cool For Cats

I always forget Squeeze existed until Tempted plays over the supermarket speakers. Then I remember that there are much better songs from this band. I really like how this album has ridiculous songs like Slap & Tickle or Touching Me Touching You and more serious songs like Up a Junction. If Phish is putting on a new wave costume, this one just seems right.

Jethro Tull - Aqualung

Picture it. The house lights go down, the band takes the stage, and the riff from Aqualung begins. You find yourself raging out to the song and look up at the stage when the slow part begins. You notice that Phish have no additional musicians on stage with them. It’s a dream come true. The world will have a version of this album without an f-ing flute. That would be the greatest treat of them all.

The Allman Brothers Band - Eat a Peach

If you consider all the classic albums Phish has already covered, then this choice makes perfect sense. I know it isn’t as obvious as Led Zeppelin I, II, III, or IV (or Zoso for those types of snobs), but this album belongs on that list of covers. Plus who doesn’t want to hear a Phish version of Mountain Jam?

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

The iconic guitar riffs alone are enough for me to justify wanting this cover. This could be the closest we ever get to a one song, Carini, set. Also I want to see/hear a Fishman solo in the middle of War Pigs.

Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell

This album would be a great showpiece for Page. I know the vocals would be difficult to do, but I believe any out of range vocals could be handled hilariously by Fishman. Overall this would be a fun cover of a classic album that most 3.0 fans haven’t heard.

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