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In any situation where I am bored and time moves like molasses I like to ask myself a ridiculous question. The question always has five answers. Basically, it’s the desert island style questions but absurd. In this series, “Fast Five”, I will answer some jam band related ones. (Even reader submitted.)

What Albums from the 1980’s would be a good musical costume for Phish?

Note: I decided to not include Purple Rain since Phish has covered the title track before.

Paul Simon - Graceland

This gem of an album would make an unforgettable party set. For some reason, I can’t get the image of Trey singing You Can Call Me Al out of my head. This album, that marked the return of Paul Simon, is perfect to mark the return of a musical costume.

Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA

This would be a perfect costume for a Camden (or any Jersey) Halloween show. Could you imagine a jammed out Glory Days>Dancing in the Dark? That would be amazing. This main question with this album is “Could Trey put on a convincing boss stage presence?”

Guns & Roses - Appetite for Destruction

The soaring guitar parts, the ridiculous moves from Axel, and overall awesomeness of this record would take everyone to the jungle on the night train. There isn’t a single song on this album that wouldn’t make a decent jam. What type of shirt does Page wear for this set? That’s the biggest question about this cover.

Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet

This costume is purely for the fans who woo. It has the added bonus of fist pumping too and 1.0 fans can relive prom during Living on a Prayer. Every song on this album is a great sing along.

Harold Faltermeyer - Harold F

This is pure jam vehicle for Page. This album actually ends with Axel F, the theme song from Beverly Hills Cop. There are a couple of tracks with vocals, but mostly it’s just pure 80s synth interrupted by the chairman of the boards.

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