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In any situation where I am bored and time moves like molasses I like to ask myself a ridiculous question. The question always has five answers. Basically, it’s the desert island style questions but absurd. In this series, “Fast Five”, I will answer some jam band related ones. (Even reader submitted.)

What Albums from the 2000’s would be a good musical costume for Phish?

Before we begin, a quick list of bands I passed on.

  • Radiohead - I don’t ever want to think about these two fan bases comparing notes about anything.

  • Arcade Fire - I have seen them live twice and own like three of their albums and still don’t have a clue how many instruments are required for a cover set.

  • Daft Punk - I honestly don’t know how they make music or how it would translate to live. My mind can’t process Phish covering them.

  • Arctic Monkey, Black Keys, Strokes, etc. - I can’t envision any interesting Phish versions of any of their albums.

  • Foo Fighters - I don’t care for America’s Nickleback.

Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism

The breakthrough album for this Seattle band has some lush guitar parts, airy melodies. Every song on the album seems so contained and could break out at any minute. It would be interesting to see how Phish would set these songs free. If I am being truthful I just want to hear the title track jammed out.

Fun. - Some Nights

Picture the band all walking out for the Halloween set and they each get to their station. The lights are only on Page. He begins Some Nights - Intro with its soft keys part. Then each member joins in with the random backing vocal until about three minutes in. Page hits the big piano end, lights go out, and then all the band goes into the Some Nights a capella intro. The vocal harmonies on this album combined with its over the top grandeur would make this a very fun and dancey set.

Killers - Hot Fuss

There isn’t a bad song on this album. The murder songs can be jammed out to very spooky depths. I can picture Trey singing “I got soul but I’m not a soldier” with absolute glee. Plus I really wonder what the stage would look like.

Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf

This album has instrumentals, heady bass lines, and nice drumming. The whole album could be jammed front to back. I would love to see some of those Northeastern Phish vibes combine with this desert rock classic. Listening to the original you can hear the bass take each song to the edge and build tension right before the guitar pulls the song back in. I could see Trey joining Mike on the edge and breaking that tension propelling these songs to a different realm.

Sufjan Stevens - Age of Adz

I saw Suf play this live and it was an insane dance party. But they didn’t have Page on the boards. I want to see this entire album jammed out by Page. I really don’t care what anyone else does. But given how Trey has talked about writing much more composed music as compared to “rock” music, I imagine his vision for the 26 minute Impossible Soul would be spectacular.

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