WeekendWook.com is proud to present the inaugural Wookie Awards – celebrating the great (and sometimes not-so-great) contributions to the jam scene over the last year or so. The nominations and award recipients will be announced throughout the week, and will ultimately be listed below.

While some categories will be voted on (via Twitter) in 24-hour fan polls, others will be awarded via wook committee. The festivities begin September 23rd at 8:00pm EST.

Award Categories

Best Bracket Melt

For his exceptional meltdown following the elimination of Ruby Waves from this year's Jam Bracket, Mr. MeltMagnet takes the Wookie for Best Bracket Melt. Seems appropriate.

Outstanding Vet Account

While there are many outstanding vet accounts on the various social media platforms, Chillwig is the most outstanding. Though unconfirmed, we believe he is both excited and grateful to win this highly sought-after Wookie.

Most Valuable Scene Informant

With hard work, insane persistence, and presumably several insider sources, Alex has established himself as the go-to account for jam scene information. With a batting average of 0.640, he is correct more times than not.

Best Road Warrior

Outstanding Online Feud

Comedic Relief

Love them or hate them, few can deny the incredible effort the Phunion puts in to pissing off jam band fans in the most hilarious way possible. The people have spoken and have awarded this satirical account the Wookie for Comedic Relief.

Exceptional Podcast

Best Overall Digital Content

Fan Favorite Lot Drink

Best Phish Cover Band

Community Building

Greatest of Gordon’s Shoes

Most Memorable of Page’s Shirts

Top Fan Trigger

Best Tour Announcement

The truth is that we still don't fully understand this tour announcement video. Still, we really dig it.

Julia Mordaunt, the Creative Director + Designer for Phish, graciously accepted the Wookie on behalf of her team. Great job Julia!

Best Fan Photography

Not only does AZN have an incredible eye, she is also incredibly kind and warm hearted. Her art is instantly identifiable (even without a watermark) and her role in the community is invaluable. Congrats AZN!

Outstanding Show Photography

Service to the Community

Top Show Poster

Best Phish Side Project

Outstanding Up & Coming Band

Best New Song

We're all here together and the weather's fine.. Dancing in a dream and we're free of time.. The lights are flashing and the waves are crashing.. Dancing in a dream..

Best New Album

Best Music Festival

Best Phish Show

Best Phish Debut

Best Jam

Social Contribution

Lifetime Achievement

Wook of the Year

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