Jimmy...Yes, Dad?

Jimmy, I have some bad news...

What is it Dad?

It's about your cat, Poster...

You mean Poster Nutbag?

Show Detail:


Syracuse Armory

Syracuse, NY

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The Story:

Our story starts out in a typical way, telling the typical tale of the evil old man and his not normal dog who live on the edge of a typical town. The old man kicks the dog as he is evil and does such things, prompting a couple of Simpson’s Secret Language “dohs” in response to the kicks, which gets the dog to go out wandering in the typical town. Excuse me, make that The Square Town, a place where the square houses all look the same, but for the color. Even the shrubberies are square. Heck, the lawns are all square too. So the not typical dog walks through this typically square town looking for some action.

In a little green square house in this typical town lives a typical American boy who is sitting in his room listening to the typical American rock song (cue the Smells Like Teen Spirit tease), watching his typical MTV like he does every day, petting his typical little cat. But this typical cat doesn’t have a typical name but one rather strange... a name that the boy gave the cat the day it was born. That name is, of course, Poster Nutbag.

Unfortunately, the other kids on the block make fun of the boy due to the name of his cat, which makes him sad, but he really doesn’t care because he just loves that cat so much. So he lets the cat out to take a walk and the cat walks past the typical shrub and the typical American car in the driveway.

The cat turns a corner where he comes face to face with, you guessed it, Harpua! Harpua grins a big grin since he was out looking for this exact sort of action. They size each other up, with Harpua letting out that low growl and Poster coiling his body into a deadly arch, and as always the fight itself is left to our imaginations. Typical.

Fight Locale: The Square Town

Method of Death: Typical Dog Gets Cat Stuff

Song(s) Teased: The Simpsons Theme (Danny Elfman), Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)

Show Fun Facts:

  • Considering that the Secret Language Instructions made their debut earlier in this tour, it is no surprise that this show includes a few examples (including All Fall Down and Simpsons in Guelah, Random Note in Antelope, as well as the double Simpsons in this Harpua).

  • Being a hometown show for our frocked drummer, this one includes his mom Mimi Fishman joining him on vac for a special Mother’s Day IDK (this show took place the night before that year’s greeting card holiday for moms). She gets a bit talkative with effusive praise for the band and her little boy, all while the band (particularly Fish) tries to get her to play the vac instead of bantering.

  • Speaking of Mother’s Day, earlier on during the Guelah pause, a female fan runs up on stage to give Mike a hug which Trey takes to make a joke that it was Mike’s mom giving him a hug and Mike quickly quips back “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom”

  • The Fish Fun Time version of Cracklin’ Rosie is dedicated to his mom who was apparently a big Neil Diamond fan if her son is to be believed

The Wrap:

Pretty typical stuff here tonight. Trey plays with the double meaning of square when describing the typical suburban town in which Jimmy lives. It’s not just the shape of things, but how utterly typical and uniform it all is.

Then there’s the dig at the commercialized, typical music of MTV that Nirvana typified at that time. This is all in the time when Phish was one of the hardest touring bands in the business, forging their own path away from the typical model of the time which for many bands required going the typical route, i.e. kowtowing to MTV.

Who’s to say whether the dog/cat fight is then a metaphor for anything related to this or just the typical tale we expected?

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