Jimmy...Yes, Dad?

Jimmy, I have some bad news...

What is it Dad?

It's about your cat, Poster...

You mean Poster Nutbag?

Show Detail:


American Theater

St. Louis, MO

The Story:

Well, Trey sure was in a creative mood on this night. Instead of just launching into the whole cat-and-dog-fighting-in-Gamehendge thing, he riffs on dreams - sharing his recent wonderings about how dreams are bubbles that float around after they come out of your head. But where do they go? Trey surmises that they collect in a “Dream Pile” that sits on the side of his bed, piling up with all of the other dreams he has ever had (cue the Dream Weaver tease).

Then, all of these dreams, the ones that we all dream, are collected by someone in the middle of the night and brought to Dream Pile Land. The ugly mean dreams, the happy dreams, and all of the indifferent dreams form this great big Mountain of Dreams, which is so big it has foothills and on a grassy (dream) knoll, there are two creatures walking who are the compilation of all the dreams that everyone has ever had. One of the creatures is The Old Man, a ratty old man dressed rattily, and the other is his dog who is, of course, named Harpua.

The dog and his evil master are walking around looking for a little action, some kind of fresh meat (as they are known to do). At this point, Trey brings our man Jimmy into the tale, first describing the neighborhood in which he lives, and then Jimmy’s cute conversation with Poster. He finishes with the foreshadowing line of “I hope nothing bad ever happens to you…”.

Next, Jimmy is watching TV (cue the Jetson's theme tease) when he realizes Poster wants to go outside, so he walks down the hall to tell his parents which devolves into a scary bit of riffing on The End (there’s that tease) with the end line not being about wanting to kill his mother, but instead that he wants to take his cat out for a walk. Nice one, Trey. We appreciate the story not going in THAT direction. There’s already enough death to be told here.

The story then continues as it does, tonight over a jazzy vibe as Trey describes the meeting between our main characters in one of the more playful ways he can, punctuating each downbeat with another syllable as the cat and dog come face to face, leading to the inevitable cliff hanging end and move to the song’s coda.

Fight Locale: A suburban area of a foothill on the Mountain of Dreams in Dream Pile Land.

Method of Death: “Eyebrows raising, saliva dripping on the ground, fangs, claws, claw, fang, fang, claw, fight, people, blood, sinking teeth, push, oh my god, it’s gonna be brutal.” You know, standard stuff.

Song(s) Teased: Theme from “The Jetsons” (Hoyt Curtin), Dream Weaver (Gary Wright), The End (The Doors)

Show Fun Facts:

  • There are two performances of Kung in this show, which is odd on its own but each is pretty unique taboot. The first is in the middle of Stash, played electric, contains a DEG tease, and then in the return to Stash Trey keeps shouting out “from the hills!!” over the Stash closing refrain. THEN he picks up the acoustic ostensibly for the Horse>Silent to come but starts speaking Kung again while playing acoustic. Fish joins in for some oddly intoned Kung lyrics, they jam Pinball Wizard for a bit, and then they croon out “from the hills” a few more times before moving over to The Horse. Wild fun.

  • It’s Ice featured Trey and Mike on the exergliders and Page teases the Star Trek theme

  • The Madonna Washboard makes an appearance in I Didn't Know.

  • This is the show where Trey’s friend Roger proposed to his girlfriend at the start of the 2nd set (she said yes), prompting the Bag opener which makes sense considering the song references him (and they threw in some Woman From Tokyo teases for good measure)

  • While it has never been “officially” acknowledged by those who do such things, the Tweezer in this show contains a jam on Pink Floyd’s Empty Spaces from The Wall

  • The “Spooky” jam in YEM is the 2nd ever (and second that tour… following the one from the massively fun YEM in 03.14.1993). The song wouldn’t reappear with Phish for another 751 shows after this night, that time in the middle of Ghost on 10.31.2010 (though it was teased several times over the intervening years)

  • This show was officially released as part of the “St Louis ‘93” box set.

The Wrap

Okay, so what did we learn tonight? The big takeaway is that Gamehendge is a place of dreams, quite literally that it is made up of all of our dreams and that the characters who live there are figments from the collective imaginations of all who dream. So, not quite the Jungian “collective unconscious”, but perhaps the collective subconscious? We also learned that if you want a show with a lot of stage antics, it may help to have one of Trey’s childhood friends propose to their girlfriend from the stage. Well, it couldn’t hurt anyway.

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