Jimmy...Yes, Dad?

Jimmy, I have some bad news...

What is it Dad?

It's about your cat, Poster...

You mean Poster Nutbag?

Show Details:


Glen Falls Civic Center

Glen Falls, NY

The Story:

Trey welcomes us to Gamehedge once again, dropping a quick Wilson nod along the way in a creepy, Halloween-y voice. Then he gets to the story, a tale that took place 99 years ago. It turns out that back then, no one knew what Halloween was and that this is sort of the origin story as a result.

So after bringing us into the beautiful, lush, tropical area with a forest, and a mountain, and a green field going off into the sky that is Gamehendge, we are introduced once again to The Evil Old Man and his dog. Trey gives some detail about The Evil Old Man and how it came to be that he moved off into the hills and how the hate of the townspeople shaped him into the evil old man he eventually became.

Well on this day The Evil Old Man and his dog (who is also becoming more and more evil) start to feel a strange vibration coming out of the ground. As they walk through the woods they can feel it vibrate which leads Trey to introducing The Vibration of Life which we all obviously know as being that greenish hued thing that resonates at seven beats per second (for the stoners out there that translates to 420 beats per minute so you’ve got that going for you). So The Evil Old Man is feeling this but it being the first Halloween ever the spirit of Satan and all the evil spirits in the world had perverted it such that he was actually standing above The Vibration of DEATH (Trey cackles).

MEANWHILE, somewhere in the town… our guy Jimmy is standing in his living room, also being impacted by The Vibration of Death as he puts on his favorite album (this kid sure has a lot of favorite albums) Barney’s Greatest Hits BUT instead he plays it backwards resulting in these strange sounds emanating from his record player which gets the band to play War Pigs! The crowd loves this and honestly a full version would’ve been perfect for the date but alas we are not so lucky. Jimmy was expecting to hear the “I love you, you love me…” refrain of that earworm and as he stands there he starts to feel The Vibration of Death under his feet.

Jimmy doesn’t notice that his favorite beautiful furry cat that he loves so much was standing by the door and as The Vibration of Death rattles the door frame and the door swings open wide the cat innocently walks outside!! Poster doesn’t know what is going on and suddenly the earth starts to open up beneath him as The Vibration of Death grows louder and louder! Jimmy finally sees that Poster has gone outside and starts to yell to his cat, all as the music swells with the malevolent energy of The Vibration of Death!! But it is too late and Poster Nutbag is sucked into the depths of Hell by The Vibration of Death. And with a quick “Look, The Vibration of Death is gone…” we are on to the coda and end of the song. So sad.

Fight Locale: No fight. In fact, Harpua is but a mere side character in this night’s tale. Poster is sucked into the depths of Hell by the Vibration of Death

Method of Death: The Vibration of DEATH

Song(s) Teased: Wilson (Phish), The Vibration of Life (Phish), War Pigs (Black Sabbath), I Love You (Barney & Friends theme - Philip A. Parker)

Show Fun Facts:

  • It is hard to undersell the importance of this show in Phishtory. This is the first “costume” Halloween where Phish played another band’s album in full

  • That cover album was, of course, The White Album by The Beatles. This performance has been covered in much more depth by smarter people elsewhere so we will recommend you seek such things out if you aren’t familiar with the original costume set our band performed

  • Prior to the wonder that was 12.31.1999 this was one of the longest shows Phish ever performed with the three sets starting close to 10pm and running past 3am the next day.

The Wrap

Trey provides a bit more context on how The Evil Old Man became so evil. Honestly, I’m starting to wonder about the people of this town as they seem to have ostracized him and caused his fall which also led to the creation of the menace that is Harpua as well. Pretty typical society pushing those on the fringes away and creating bigger problems by not providing opportunities for inclusion, if you ask me.

So, I guess the message here (along with not letting your cat outside when there is a horrible hellspawn sentient soundwave gurgling about) is for us to try to help others out rather than pushing them further and further up into the hills. Pretty easy solution to avoiding bigger problems in the future there, folks.

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