Jimmy...Yes, Dad?

Jimmy, I have some bad news...

What is it Dad?

It's about your cat, Poster...

You mean Poster Nutbag?

Show Details:


The E Center

West Valley City, UT

The Story:

Trey welcomes everyone to The E Center, focusing on the E in a hippie dad joke way, espousing his love for the venue and everyone in it. It feels so warm and full of love… The E Center. Trey really loves this joke. And another person full of love? Our man, the “infamous” Jimmy, of course. So Trey sets the scene, telling us once again about the beautiful little town in which Jimmy resides (with the added detail tonight being that Jimmy’s ancestor started the town once upon a time).

Trey cuts to the chase by bringing the tale back to Las Vegas, relating things back to the quite elaborate tale from 12.06.1996 (which we will get to in another entry). After a quick reminder of the base story from that night, involving campfires and yodelers and all that, the tale takes a different turn as Jimmy (and Poster who apparently Jimmy brought along for the ride) finds Vegas to be just too much to handle what with all the people and such. It is a far cry from his little town tucked into the suburban wilderness of Gamehendge. He just can’t take it!

Things get pretty meta here as Jimmy just wants to see a concert in Vegas but the tickets are really hard to get (which they were for the Halloween 1998 Run…) so he decides to leave town. He hitches a ride with a guy heading back to Salt Lake City and it is a seven hour ride back there (which it is). Jimmy mentions that he is going to catch a concert the next night (which would be this one they are performing) and the guy puts on an album as they drive, which happens to be one of Jimmy’s favorite albums.

This gets to the part of the song where typically they just tease or quote a bit of whatever song it is that fits their fancy that night, often one topical for the story or location or whatever. But tonight? On this well undersold night getting back to the normal rigors of touring around the country? Yeah, so tonight they start up Pink Floyd’s Breathe>On The Run and just… keep… going! What little crowd there was recognizes what is happening and it is quite audible on the tapes that people are straight up losing it for this trick. As well they should be!

Phish then performs every single song from Dark Side Of The Moon, dropping their second full cover album in as many shows and here on an unsuspecting crowd that was just out catching Phish on a random Monday night in the greater Salt Lake area.

And finally, a full 42 minutes later, Trey drops seamlessly into the coda of Harpua, ending what was, is, and probably shall ever be the longest Harpua Suite in the band’s long history.


Fight Locale: The Phish Scene

Method of Death: The only death here was to all of the fans who thought it better to skip this show and head to Denver after Vegas because Phish straight up murdered them with this gag.


Show Fun Facts:

  • This show is legend. Upon learning that this post-Halloween one off between the Vegas and Denver runs was so undersold the band went out, got a copy of Dark Side Of The Moon, and learned it THAT DAY before playing it to the small crowd who made it there.

  • People obviously focus on the Harpua>DSTOM>Harpua here but even without that there’s some great music played in this show. Don’t go skipping ahead!

  • This is the last Harpua to have closed a set which, when you think about it makes a lot of sense.

  • Oh and they debuted the cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit in the encore for good measure. “Here we are now, entertain us” indeed...

The Wrap

Don’t. Skip. The. Skip. Show. That’s it! That’s the message!

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