Jimmy...Yes, Dad?

Jimmy, I have some bad news...

What is it Dad?

It's about your cat, Poster...

You mean Poster Nutbag?

Show Details:



Saratoga Springs, NY

The Story:

Oh what a night! Trey begins by talking about how great it is to be back in Saratoga Springs, the place he lived for a bit due to, well, you know... THAT. He mentions how great it is to be playing the final set of the summer tour there, seeing friends like his singer songwriter friend from New Jersey, Bruce, to which the crowd gives a little Bruuuuuce chant. For those playing at home, this is a reference to the time Tom Marshall came out for the encore at the 07.16.1999 show at the Garden State Arts Center (Sorry I simply cannot refer to venues by the newer corporate naming conventions. It’s a whole thing for me.) to sing Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen, complete with what was probably the outfit he wore to The Boss’s shows back in the 80s. Anyway, he was in the crowd this night, as were many of Trey’s other friends including Jimmy who he met while living there. This pivots the story to our hero.

Trey talks about how he is feeling the good vibes but that some days are better than others, recounting how Jimmy has had his ups and downs like dancing with The Elvii and that whole watching-the-comet-hitting-Jupiter business (two we will get to eventually…), but that tonight he’s sitting at home petting Poster Nutbag feeling blue. Jimmy is bluuuue. So he decides to meditate, put on some New Age music (perhaps Windham Hell?), light a candle, do some OOOOHHHHHMMMMMing, and invoking his spirit guide - the being that comes to him in times of need and speaks in parable to convey his message.

The thing is, you don’t choose your spirit guide. They just appear the way they do. Well Jimmy’s spirit guide is a funny little man in a dress who Trey beckons to “guide us with your truth” prompting the band to drop into a Fish-sung (and quite cringe-y if you aren’t in on the joke here) version of Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl.

Yeah that happened.

First Harpua of 3.0, and this is what we got.

Geez, man.

Anyway, a quick romp through HYHU to get us back on track with Fish throwing a “the wisdom of the ages…” line in there with some over the top thanks including just throwing it out there that he would sing it ten more times if we want and thankfully Page brings us back to Harpua. Trey really doesn’t know how to react saying “that didn’t work on so many levels. When your spirit guide is middle aged man in a dress singing about kissing a girl and liking it, you know that the words of wisdom and truth in his speech are ‘it felt so WRONG’”. True dat, Trey. True. Dat.

This proceeds to the coda with no mention of Harpua or Poster at all! No fight, no death, nothing! What the heck, Trey?

I’m going to go with the idea that Trey was just so thrown off by that whole thing that he lost the path and needed to move on. Heck, after the song ended Trey even jokes about wanting to hear about Fish going to a Katy Perry show and hearing her play a Phish cover. But Fish has no remorse, stating he would not apologize to her though he might apologize to the SPAC crowd. And yet he doesn’t...

Fight Locale: The only fight here is between Fish’s Katy Perry cover and good taste

Method of Death: Short middle aged man in a dress? Bad pop song cover? Who knows? Poor Poster.

Song(s) Teased: I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry), Hold Your Head Up (Foreigner)

Show Fun Facts:

  • Fans of Numberline will appreciate this longest ever version of the song. Those who don’t will still enjoy the 15ish minutes of open jam that it provides I would hope.

  • This is the first performance of Harpua in 3.0 as the song was last played 60 shows and just over six years prior at Starlake Amphitheatre on 07.29.2003 (we will get to that wonderful version too…)

  • Anything But Me was also a 3.0 debut with its last performance prior at Coventry (08.15.2004)

  • Along with the Katy Perry thing this show marked the debut of I Been Around

  • If you like banter this is a show with a lot of Trey talk.

The Wrap

What can one say about Fish singing a sugary pop cover and leaving us with the lasting image of him musically reminiscing about how he thinks he liked kissing a girl whose lips tasted like cherry chapstick? That’s a lot to take mid 2nd set of a tour ending, empty-the-stash show. But hey we signed up for this, right? You want the long open jams and whatnot then you’re gonna get this too. Pranksters gonna prank.

But really the thing to realize here is that Jimmy is all of us. There are good days and bad days and sometimes your cat gets killed in a magnificently complicated manner. Heck, sometimes you just kind of start talking about one thing and end up somewhere else completely like that one time when… hang on, sorry got a little of that going on here myself.

Back to the point: self reflection and meditation can help one actualize change or even just provide perspective. Just don’t get creeped out if your spirit guide is a weird middle aged drummer dude in a dress conveying his message through the power of Katy Perry’s music.

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