On September 5th, Mike posted a video on Instagram of Fish working out a new drum beat in a recording studio.

The next week, on September 11th, Trey also posted a video on Instagram of him and Fish playing in the same studio.

It's now been over three years since Big Boat came out, and it looks like a brand new studio release looms...

The following is one part-time wook's not so wild speculation as to what we can expect for the next Phish album.


There has been several debuts over the last few years. Though many of them are associated with Kasvot Vaxt or Ghosts of the Forests, there are still plenty that could make there way onto the next studio release. Here is my prediction for the track list.

1. Set Your Soul Free (debut: 7/20/18)

2. Rise/Come Together (debut: 7/19/17)

3. Mercury (debut: 7/22/15)

4. Steam (debut: 6/4/11)

5. Thread (debut: 7/16/17)

6. Epitaph (yet to debut)

7. Shade (debut: 7/21/15)

8. Leaves (debut: 9/3/17)

9. Everything's Right (debut:7/14/17)

10. Soul Planet (debut: 12/31/17)

Album Title: Everything's Right

To some, it would be a deeply meaningful and accurate title.. To others, it would feel ironic. Either way, it works.

Release Date

Did you know that Big Boat was released one week before the band kicked off their Fall Tour in North Charleston, SC? The next album will be announced on November 19, 2019 and released on November 22, 2019.


Most of the songs I have listed above debuted over two years ago and have been in standard rotation for several tours now. If the tracks I am proposing are accurate, the timing of this whole thing seems a little suspect. Well, I have a theory about that too.

I believe that Phish originally intended to record and release this album (with those exact tracks) last Fall, but after Curveball was canceled and "i rokk" was conceived, the band decided to temporarily shelf the project. This makes sense from a creative bandwidth point of view, as well as from a public relations standpoint.

Obviously, most Phish fans don't blame the band for Curveball. Still, it seems to me that the Vegas Halloween run last year was the band attempting (perhaps subconsciously) to make "it" up to their fans. Focusing all of their effort on Kasvot Växt instead of on a studio album (which typically get mixed reviews as of late) was the right move at that time. Now however, we have had the Ruby Waves palette cleanser, and are collectively primed as a fan base for this album.

Final Thoughts

As it says in the title, this is all just speculation. I do not have insider-wooks feeding me information, and I very well could be wrong about everything. Then again, I could also be entirely right. I'm a pretty intuitive wookiee, and it does seem to make a lot of sense. Either way, I am looking forward to see what happens next.

Hit me up on Twitter and let me know if you agree that the next Phish LP looms, and what you think it is going to look like.

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