Here is a brief history of the various brackets we have done to date. You can also check out the upcoming brackets here.

Jam Band Bracket

March 2018

The very first wook bracket was the Jam Band Bracket in March 2018. It should not come as a surprise (based on the obvious bias of this site and account) that Phish won this bracket handedly. Moe. also performed exceptionally well.

NITrous Bracket

March 2018

From day one of the Jam Band Bracket, the melts had arrived. How could I leave _____ out?!? My solution was to introduce an NIT style secondary bracket.

MGB beat out Greensky Bluegrass to win this bracket.

Podcast Bracket

March 2018

There were a number of brackets introduced in that first month, running simultaneously and leaving madness in their wake. Though no image is available (I seemed to have lost this one..), Tom Marshall's Under the Scales was voted as the superior podcast.

Rumors have it that this bracket may return at some point.

Phish Tribute Bracket

March 2018

Another community based bracket introduced in that first month was the Phish Tribute Bracket. Though many of the tribute bands competed admirably, Runaway Gin took the crown.

(OG) Phish Bracket

March 2018

The first #PhishBracket changed everything. Though the previous brackets were received well enough, the OG Phish Bracket tripled participation and is still a personal favorite.

Tweezer won.

Phish Cover Bracket

April 2018

Since the #phishbracket did not really cover covers, it was decided that a cover specific bracket would be needed. Crosseyed and Painless won.

Phish 3.0 Bracket

April 2018

As great as the overall phish bracket was, songs from the most recent era did not do very well (if they were included at all). For this reason, our close friend the Phunion thought it would be fun to have a 3.0 specific bracket and I was more than happy to collaborate with them.

NMINML won the 3.0 crown.

Grateful Bracket

May 2018

The #gratefulbracket was the most challenging and ambitious bracket I had done at that point, and it changed my approach to bracket making in many ways. It was the first to be drafted and the first to depart from the traditional bracket look. Looking back, it was a clear pivot point in the brackets aesthetic.

Fun fact: the final match actually featured 5 songs.

NYE Bracket

December 2018

In order to keep things fair, Big Cypress was not included in this bracket. The JEMP Truck set beat the remaining NYE gags.

Phish Bracket

March 2019

For many of you reading this, the massive 256-song bracket below was likely your first introduction to the Wook Brackets (and probably to the Weekend Wook in general). It remains to this day the largest and most successful bracket I've done.

For the second time, Tweezer beat YEM in the final match.

3.0 Jam Bracket

August 2019

The 3.0 #JamBracket was the first time specific versions of songs competed. While this helped take out some of the ambiguity from past brackets, it also lead to more drama in many respects.

Though it was pretty well seeded overall, an unfortunate underestimating of Tweezerpants on my part and an early loss by the Alpine Ruby Waves, led to meltdowns unseen to that point. In the end though, we were left with a great playlist and good memories.

Tour Bracket

November 2019

Voting starts on Monday (11/4/19).

Other Brackets...

Drummer Bracket (September 2018)

This was a quick bracket I through together after an argument about who the best drummer of all time was. This one got some attention from Rush fans..

XMAS Bracket (December 2018)

I think this was the only bracket not associated with music. It was a fun change of pace for me and I hope to do more like it in the future.

Let me know what brackets you liked best and which (if any) you think I should bring back.

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