Times out here are crazy, and the future is unknown. It’s hard for us to stay a community when everyone is isolated in their homes. To help us pass the time we think it would be cool if we all had one show to listen to each day. As we listen let’s live tweet our thoughts and pretend we are all couch touring. Hopefully, it can give us all a much-needed distraction.

What shows will be chosen?

Good question! The shows will be chosen by you. Yes you. Simply, shoot me a DM (@ghost_llama) with ONE show you would like everyone else to listen too. But we want a show that means something special to you. Pick your show based on a memory it provides. Tell me about that memory when you send in your show. I’ll include it with the show posting.

Each Friday, I will post the schedule of the five shows (7 if people want to do weekends as well). And any possible YouTube links out there. I suggest everyone get the Relisten app because there are a lot of Phish shows on there.

Everyday @wookplus will announce the show of the day. We will start each show at 5:00 EST so the west coast can join in the fun. (We can change times if most people would rather do an evening show.)

Here is the schedule for the upcoming shows...

Friday - Today!!!

As chosen by @chaddychoo

12/4/99 - Cincinnati

“The hotel we were all staying in started on fire in the middle of the night from Phish-heads ordering too many room service pizzas and no one died.”
“Best Split Open and Melt of all time.”

I am glad everyone was safe, although I am sad about all the pizzas that must have been lost to the fire. I can’t wait to hear this SOAM. I wonder if anyone else following this was at that hotel. Let me know.

Monday - March 23rd

As chosen by @radiator9987

12/3/97 - Philly

“Woke up that morning, drove to Philly on a whim, and got a ticket at the door. We got a secret language Simpson, which I hadn’t seen in years and a 5 song 2nd Set. Perfect evening.”

This show sounds super jammy and I can’t wait to listen to it. Those random trips like that seem to make some of the greatest memories. Who else has woken up one day and been like “I’m gonna drive and see a Phish show”?

Tuesday - March 24th

As chosen by @ghost_llama

7/10/16 - Syracuse

“I went to this show solo and just got lost in the music. I remember these college kids in front of me. One dress liked he was ready for the club and his friend was definitely a wook. That one kid was so uptight the first set trying to be cool and by the 2nd he had surrendered to the flow. It was cool to see that play out in real time.”

Wednesday - March 25th

As chosen by @wmchammer33

6/22/00 - Nashville

Author’s note: Extreme wookery was involved in this memory and been left out to protect the not so innocent.

“I loved it for the Freebird w/ Wynonna, the bluegrass sit ins, the First Tube opener, Hood>Dog Faced Boy>Hood, and the YEM encore. The crew I was with, just a perfect show. I felt like Phish was showing off for Sam Bush, Wynonna, Skaggs, and the guests.”

As a Tennessee native, I can’t wait to check out this show. I saw Kenny Rogers sit in on the Gambler with Phish but this sounds incredible. Who has been some of your favorite sit ins over the years?

Thursday - March 26th

As chosen by @weekendwook

7/27/14 - Merriweather Post Pavilion

“My wife and I had our engagement party at this show. We invited about 20 people and raged. The return of Tweezerfest in the second set blessed us and our marriage with good vibes.”

Yooo, that’s rad! How many other wooks have had engagement parties, proposals, or even just found love (like the person you married, not the one had nighttime wookery with) at a show?

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