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This week's question... You get your dream job of programming for the brand new Phish TV Show - What skits do you pitch?

Sandwiches with Page

Every week, Page makes a different sandwich and talks about how tasty it is. Each episode begins with Page talking about how much he enjoys that day’s sandwich, while he is getting out ingredients. He spends a lot of time talking about the bread and other sandwich elements.

The catch is every week it’s just a different version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Knowledge with CK5

In the middle of the show, before a commercial break, Chris is asked a relativity simple question. He then delivers a needlessly complex and elaborate answer. After about 30 seconds, the camera falls over and the sound of snoring can be heard.

Sidewalk Jams with Mike

Mike takes the viewers through an entirely animated world by jumping through a sidewalk chalk drawing. Every drawing has the same cat host that Mike knows. The cat host leads us on an adventure, but only Mike can speak cat, and he must relay the information to the audience.

Big Red Detective Agency

Trey and Fish go around solving ridiculous “crimes” that aren’t very serious. They bumble their way through it and somehow they always get the answer from a third person.

Kaleidoscope Jam

Every show ends with the band doing an instrumental jam while the camera slowly turns the view to appear like a kaleidoscope. Each jam is different and has a theme.

For example, an evergreen jam would start with the audience seeing the band in a kaleidoscope vision and transition to views of trees and forests.

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