Phish - New England Patriots

They are from the northeast, they are really good, and they have an insufferable fan base.

Grateful Dead - San Francisco 49ers

They are from San Francisco and were really good through the 80's. They have passionate fans across the country who love to reminisce about the good ol' days.

The Allman Brothers - Dallas Cowboys

They are undeniably America's team and have had a number of stars... Sadly, they will never be the same again.

Moe. - New York Giants

A decent New York based group that is always in the conversation, but never seems to reach the next level.

Widespread Panic - Houston Texans

Southerners love them... Everyone else forgets they exist.

Umphrey's McGee - Chicago Bears

An exceptional group from the midwest who have built up a strong fan base with hard work and execution.

Disco Biscuits - Pittsburgh Steelers

They regularly play dirty in Pennsylvania and their fans are the butt of a lot of jokes. In the end, they've won quite a bit.

String Cheese Incident - Denver Broncos

Based out of Denver, but fairly popular throughout the country.

Twiddle - Cleveland Browns

At least their fans like them...

Spafford - Arizona Cardinals

Based out of Arizona, they sit a top the middle of the pack and have a bright future ahead of them.

Aqueous - Buffalo Bills

They are from Buffalo.

Goose - New York Jets

Based in the tri-state and poised to have a big fall. Both have been trending as of late.

The Werks - Cincinnati Bengals

They are beloved in Ohio and it's cool (in a random hipster kinda way) to wear their shirt elsewhere in the country.

Joe Russo's Almost Dead - Philadelphia Eagles

Not only do their fans LOVE them, but they will talk to you about it non-stop. A couple of key wins and their fans think they belong in the GOAT conversation. In the end, though undoubtedly good, they will never escape the shadow of the other legends from the past.

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