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The New Year’s Gag has left many confused about what was real and what was a malfunction. The truth is that the gag was an elaborate hint at their upcoming album. There was no malfunction and everything went exactly as planned. Listed below are five things that shore up this theory without a doubt.


We know that the band is hit in the head with a Pan by Zamfir. Thus, everything that takes place during the gag is “dream”. Remember how Rift is an album tied together loosely based on a dream. The new album is somehow tied together in a similar manner.

Pan is also a moon of Saturn; letting us know that the album’s concept is space related or possibly ​Soul Planet ​related.

(Side note: Pan is also a Greek god worshipped in the Arcadia region. This combined with the fact that Pan is also a moon is a nod to the band Goose. Their song “Arcadia” is on their ​Moon Cabin album.)


There were 4 sets of 10 clones during the gag. This lets us know that the album will have 4 parts within 10 songs. Each part will represent something different. As the album progresses, the parts will interweave much like the clones dancing on stage.

The song Bring in the Clones is a parody of Bring in the Clowns from A Little Night Music. The title of the musical is the translation of the German name for ​Mozart​'s ​Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major​, ​Eine kleine Nachtmusik​. (Thanks Wikipedia!)

To recap so far, we have a concept album taking place in space. It will have 10 songs that will cover 4 parts (think songs titled pt. 1, pt. 2, etc.).


Trey’s green color choice is a nod to the Mozart piece and symbolizes the main theme of the album. As all the members are moving up and down throughout the gig, he remains constant. The other colors have the same number of letters as the name's of each band member wearing that color. (Yellow/Gordon = 6, Red/Jon = 3, and Blue/Page = 4.)

When starting on the left and moving right, the number would be 436. That is the number of the Fawcett How to Book: ​Man into Space. A​t one point, Trey is literally a green man in space, meaning that the space album will likely contain Aliens.


Trey’s rig “malfunctions” at the 4:07 mark. There is nothing heard but the sound of balloons popping until 4:10. At 4:10:20, Zamfir is mentioned, reminding us of the pan. Zamfir is the one who caused this whole dream scenario. This clues us in that the album will be released on Friday, April 10th, 2020.


When the balloons dropped, they were either circular like a dot or long like a slash. This is meant to clue us into watching positions of each member’s stand to decode a secret message provided in morse code. Once again, Trey’s “Malfunction” is key to determining when to use dots or dashes. Depending on the direction the band members are traveling in relation to Trey will determine if they are a dot or a dash. Trey isn’t a dot or dash. If a member doesn’t move then they are not part of the letter. (For example, the letter T is just one dash therefore only one band member would move.)

I am not familiar with Morse Code, but I think the message is: I AM MISSING HOME. Missing home is something a space traveler would do.

So to recap, based on the band’s hints, the next album will be released on 4/10/20 with a total of 10 songs. The album will revolve around a green spaceman missing home.

What does a spaceman missing home need? A Rescue Squad

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