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Summer tour is over and we are all waiting impatiently for Fall tour. (Post Thanksgiving; let’s all groan once here and move on.) Must we suffer the daily grind of adult life? Will picking Apples from an orchard and sipping fresh cider help? Do we all just mindlessly scroll social media finding things to argue about and memes to rejoice in?

Unfortunately, a little, and everyday.

Remember those days basking in the sun, White Claw in hand listening to fresh jams live? Well those jams are still fresh and that White Claw is not going to drink itself. For your enjoyment, here is the Summer’s hottest drink paired with some summer jams.

NOTE: The version of the song does not matter. “There ain’t no laws when your drinking claws.” So pick your favorite version and go with it.

White Claw Pure - Bathtub Gin & Reba

Nothing compliments the pure bubbly pop of seltzer bubbles like a quality Gin or Reba jam. Both the drink and the jams seem pretty straight forward and unsuspecting, but after a while the mundane takes a turn. You realize you are in some heady vibes but the route taken was forgotten.

Raspberry - Ruby Waves & No Men in No Man’s Land

Stay with me on this one. I know raspberry is nobody’s first choice for any fruit flavored thing. Ruby Waves wasn’t really on anyone’s “Songs I Want to Hear Phish jam out on from GotF” list. Then night three of Alpine Valley happened and we all witnessed what a jam vehicle that song is. That’s how the Raspberry White Claw works. Once you are forced to drink the last of the variety pack (which is only raspberry), everything clicks. You rave about the flavor for two days until you get another variety pack and go straight to the lime.

Natural Lime - Tweezer  & Mike’s Groove

Some days, work and life are so frustrating you just need something reliable. A solid lime White Claw and a deep type II Tweezer can ease the tension. The familiar notes merging with the lime when they enter your body will do wonders. The night might seem too short once Tweezer ends. You could always play another version or slip seamlessly into a Mike’s Groove.

Black Cherry - Everything’s Right  & Blaze On

If a venue or bar only has one flavor of White Claw, it is going to be black cherry. Not that there's anything wrong with cherry, but sometimes you want something different. Odds are if you went to a show in the past two years, you have heard either Blaze On or Everything’s Right or both. So sit back and enjoy a new staple with a 3.0 staple.

Ruby Grapefruit - Carini & Ghost

The only way to enjoy this combo properly is to time the first sip of Grapefruit with the opening notes of Carini. When the tartness of the drink matches up with the nastiness of the song, it’s go time. There is no holding back, you just committed to raging the night away. By the time you crack open your 2nd (wook level) or 4th (pro level), the dark jammed out versions of Ghost transcend this Earthly plane.

Mango - Y.E.M. & Harry Hood

Do not be the person that plays Mango while drinking a mango White Claw. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Instead, blast a random version Y.E.M. Weirdly, no matter how different the Y.E.M. version, the mango makes subtle changes to match the song. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. When you are lost in pure amazement, put on Harry Hood. The Harry shouts will bring you back and hold you together.

Natural Light Naturdays - Gotta Jibboo & Slave to the Traffic Light

White Claw wasn’t the only big hit of the summer. Natty light dropped Naturdays and improved everyone’s pre and post show get togethers. This drink is just a good time in a can. For the best possible pairing to enhance your good time, I reached out to a Naturdays expert, @beckyymayyy. According to Becks “... Jibboo pairs with Naturdays perfectly” and who am I to argue with an expert. If your get togethers go a little long, Becks suggests Slave to the Traffic Light. The peaks in a jammed Slave are enhanced three times when paired with a Naturday.

Hopefully, this guide helps you pass the time until Fall Tour. Please don’t drink on an empty stomach. It’s sweet corn season and corn pairs with everything.

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