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The following is one fans prediction of the highly anticipated new Phish album…


Album Tracks

In the May Rolling Stone article entitled Trey Anastasio on New Phish LP, Whether He’ll Play With the Dead Again, Trey provide some insight into the new Phish album. When asked if he thought Phish may play some of the new songs in the upcoming tour, Anastasio replied, “I do think we'll be playing them this summer! Actually, contrary to what Fish was saying, a couple of the songs we busted out last year have been tracked for the album.”

Phish debuted ten songs so far in 2016, eight of which were originals. In 2015, the debut count was eleven.

When considering which of the 2015 debuts will make it onto the new album (as Trey has indicated a couple will), two stand out - Blaze On and No Men in No Man’s Land (each having been played at least 3 times more often than the other debuts). Adding those to the 2016 list (less the covers), we are left with an interesting list of ten new songs that may comprise the new LP. Note: Phish’s last album Fuego contains 10 tracks.

Track Predictions:

Ass Handed (debut: 7/15/16)

Let’s Go (debut: 7/1/16)

Friends (debut: 6/29/16)

Tide Turns (debut: 6/29/16)

Waking Up Dead (debut: 6/29/16)

Things People Do (debut: 6/28/16)

Breath and Burning (debut: 6/26/16)

Miss You (debut: 6/24/16)

Blaze On (debut: 7/21/15)

No Men In No Man’s Land (debut: 7/21/15)

Wild Cards: Some other songs that may make the new album include Mercury, Shade, and How Many People Are You (Gordon)

Additional Insights:

In an interview with the Democrat & Chronicle this past June, Andrés Forero of the Broadway musical Hamilton, revealed how he was enlisted by Trey Anastasio to contribute percussion to three tracks on the new LP, but ended up “on every song of the next Phish album”. Andres describes one of the songs as “a 15-minute piece with classical percussion”. Looking at our predicted track list, it is easy to imagine a studio version of Waking Up Dead containing such an accompaniment.

Later in the interview, Andrés explained how he broke out “cowbells and shakers” for the recording session as well. Based on styles alone, this could easily have been for Breath and Burning.

Album Title

Only three of Phish’s twelve studio albums’ have not been named after a title tracks (Junta, A Picture of Nectar, and Hoist) and each of these were released more than 20 years ago. Assuming that the new album will once again be named after a track, here are our top three choices (based both on quality of song and feel of the title):

2nd Runner Up: No Men in No Man’s Land,

1st Runner Up: Let’s Go

Title Prediction: Blaze On

Side benefit, Phish’s discography will read “...Fuego, Blaze On”.

Release Date

Nine of the last ten album releases (as listed on have been on a Tuesday (with the only exception being Page McConnell’s “Unsung Cities and Movies Never Heard” which came out on 4/20/13) and all Phish’s studio albums have been released in-between tours. Considering that it has been approximately eight months since Trey first mentioned this particular LP, it is safe to assume that it will be announced of released on one of the six Tuesdays coming up between Phish-Dicks and North Charleston.

Release Prediction: Tuesday, September 27, 2016.

Only time will tell how accurate these predictions will be. Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook if you have any predictions or your own (or if you happen to agree with us completely).

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