As we close out the 3.0 #JamBracket, let's take a look at some of the upcoming brackets slated for the rest of Phase 4 and 5.

Phase 4 Brackets

Phish Tour Bracket

Scheduled to start on November 4, 2019, the #TourBracket is next in line. Stay tuned for more information.

One Timer Bracket

Slipknot! vs. St. Stephen, Tubthumping vs. Thunder Road, Dust in the Wind vs. Wind Beneath My Wings, 99 Problems vs. End of Session... The possibilities are endless..

Phish Bracket 2020

With 320 total songs, this is by far the largest (and most ambitious) bracket currently planned. Unlike the last #phishbracket, the 2020 version will also feature staple covers. We will finally get to see how Cities, Roses, and Peaches stack up against the originals.

Note: Tweezer has been retired. With back-to-back championships, her numbers have been hung from the rafters and her legacy has been undeniably cemented in wook bracket history.

2.0 Jam Bracket

It's a lot like the 3.0 bracket... but you know, with 2.0 jams.

Phish Show Bracket

Don't boo, vote! Democracy depends on participation and in Fall 2020 you will have the opportunity to vote for the greatest Phish show of all time. Do your part!

Venue Bracket

Amphitheaters vs. Arenas, Coast vs. Coast... this bracket will be bias ridden and chock full of melts. Get your tissues ready.

Phase 5 Brackets

Phase 5 of the WBU (Wook Bracket Universe) will see the return of some fan favorite brackets, as well as the introduction of some new ones. Be sure to check often as we get closer for updates and more info.

Jam Band Bracket

32 bands will compete head to head for the title of greatest jam band ever. Another 32 bands will also compete head to head in the NITrous Bracket for the title of best third tier jam band.

Segue Bracket

Everyone loves a good segue. Speaking of... Let's try to figure out the best one.

Gamehenge Bracket

McGrupp vs the Multibeast.. Lizards vs. Llamas.. Mr. Palmer vs. AC/DC Bag.. Wilson vs. Col. Forbin.. It is impossible to think about this bracket and not smile.

Grateful Bracket

Perhaps the most highly anticipated of all the upcoming brackets, the Grateful Bracket finally returns with 128+ of the Dead's best songs facing off.

Umphrey's Bracket

I'll be honest... This one is for Joel.

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